What Is Odoo?

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ERP System

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What is Malaysia Odoo ERP system
Comparison between Malaysia Odoo and other ERP systems.

What is Odoo?

"Getting your teams the best of both worlds."

Odoo is a cloud ERP system that includes many solutions like CRM, e-commerce, inventory, accounting, field service, sales, and more. It helps centralize the operations of Malaysian businesses all in a single platform, making sure full data integration is achieved.

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The Epitome of A Next-Gen Business Solution

Fully Integrated

Integrate your business functions for better information visibility

Truly Flexible

Fully customizable to perfectly fit your business operation

Benefits of using Malaysia Odoo ERP system.

User Friendly

A powerful yet user oriented ERP solution for your teams


An all-in-one ERP solution for almost all your business needs

Mobile-friendly Odoo ERP system.
"Accessible anywhere, anytime on every device."

True Mobility

Accessible on any devices

Easy Implementation

Zero installation needed

Odoo ERP Community

An amazing community fitting for a great business solution

Odoo users
7 million

Users all over the world

Odoo employees 

Employees improving it

Odoo partners

Partners all around the world

Odoo apps

Apps available

A World-Class ERP That is Trusted Globally

Leading global companies that are using Odoo ERP

Odoo's customer COX
Odoo's customer Hyundai
Odoo's customer Jack in the box
Odoo's customer Danone
Odoo's customer Toyota

The Journey of Odoo

Malaysia Odoo Tiny ERP

2005 - 2006

Malaysia Odoo Open ERP

2009 - 2012

Malaysia Odoo ERP

2014 - Present

Odoo Essential Apps

Almost everything you need all in one amazing and powerful ERP system

Boost Your Sales

Odoo CRM app


Improve sales by building strong relationships with your customers

Odoo POS app


Run your stores & collect customer orders with ease

Odoo Sales app


Simplify your sales process for a quicker cash conversion cycle

Integrate Your Services

Odoo Project app


Achieve milestones effectively with better project tracking

Odoo Timesheet app


Keep track & manage on your time spent on important tasks

Odoo Helpdesk app


A platform to provide better customer support

Streamline Your Operations

Odoo Inventory app


Control your stock in real-time with easily accessible inventory data

Odoo MRP app


Gain full visibility on your manufacturing process from raw material to end product  

Odoo Purchase app


Simplify your purchasing process with automated reordering rules

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