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Simplifying Manufacturing Operations

Boost production efficiency & productivity with a centralized manufacturing ERP solution

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Odoo ERP solution for manufacturing.

Why Manufacturing Businesses Need An ERP System

Better operation control.

Better Workflow Management & Control

Real-time progress overview.

Real-Time Production & Workcenter Visibility

Seamless integration.

Full Integration with Different Operations

ERP Solutions for Manufacturing

Master production schedule in Odoo ERP system.

Master Production Schedule

Plan Your Production Effectively

Plan manufacturing operations better with concise information all in a single view. Forecasted demand, actual demand, stock replenishment amount, and more, can be seen in the Master Production Schedule.

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Automated manufacturing order creation by Odoo ERP system.

Automated MO Creation

Automate Workflow for Better Order Fulfillment

Manufacturing orders can be automatically generated whenever customers ordered products that needed to be manufactured. Fully integrate your manufacturing and sales operations for a seamless production workflow.

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Real-time reporting and analysis by Odoo ERP system.

Manufacturing Reporting & Analytics

Make Smart Decisions with Full Visibility & Traceability

Take data-driven actions that ensure productivity and continuous improvements. Reports on material consumption, cost analysis, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be accessed easily.

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Quality control implementation by Odoo ERP system.

Quality Control

Always Keep Your Products Up to Quality Standards

Allow your teams to set quality control points that will automatically trigger for quality checks for the manufacturing department. Improve your product quality effectively with Odoo's quality control.

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Product lifecycle management in Odoo ERP system.

Product Lifecycle Management

Track & Manage Manufacturing Changes in Real-Time

Gain full transparency of any changes, resources needed, information shared, etc. during production. Keep track of product lifecycle in real-time with better engineering change orders (ECO) management. 

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Simplify Your Manufacturing Operations with Odoo

Full workflow visibility & traceability for greater productivity

Odoo Apps for Manufacturing

Integrate & simplify your Manufacturing workflow with these Odoo apps

Odoo Purchase app 


Make better procurement decisions with Odoo Purchase app

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Odoo Inventory app 


Automate & streamline your inventory management with Odoo Inventory app

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Odoo MRP app 


Innovate your manufacturing operations with the Odoo MRP app

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Odoo Quality app 


Control & manage quality check points with the Odoo Quality app

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