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Onnet Consulting as Odoo's gold partner collaborates with many corporations across Malaysia.
Odoo ERP system integrates different modules into one single database.

Odoo: All-In-One Cloud ERP Software

"Making companies a better place, one app at a time."

Odoo is an award-winning ERP system with over 27,000+ apps readily available for all your business needs. It is the best most affordable and powerful ERP solution for businesses looking to grow.

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Simple & Clean User Interface

So simple even your newcomer has no trouble using it

How Odoo ERP System Benefits Your Business

A user-friendly yet powerful all-in-one ERP solution for your teams

Odoo integrates and automates all operations into a single platform.

Modernize Business Workflows

Your teams can work more efficiently by automating and simplifying their time-consuming manual tasks.

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Perform business analysis with line graph, pie chart and bar chart in Odoo.

Full Data Visibility & Traceability

Allow your teams to make well-informed decisions by having key information and data readily accessible.

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Follow up customers with Odoo CRM app.

Engaging Customers the Right Way

Communicate with your customers and send out emails directly from Odoo's CRM app without needing to switch to another software.

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What Makes Us Different

Here's why you should implement Odoo with Onnet Consulting

MSC Status Company

MSC Status Company

Recognized as a one of the top-quality business software provider by the Malaysian government

Odoo Gold Partner

Odoo Gold Partner

The one and only Gold partner in Malaysia that is certified for the latest version of Odoo v15

Odoo Localization

Odoo Localization

Having years of experience, Onnet has localized Odoo's features to better fit Malaysian businesses

Golden Bull Award

Golden Bull Award

Won the Emerging SMEs Award and Digital Transformation Award at the Golden Bull Award 2022

Customer Testimonials

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