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Innovate your manufacturing operations with the Odoo MRP app

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Use Odoo Manufacturing app to streamline manufacturing operations.

Ensuring Manufacturing Productivity with Odoo

Create manufacturing orders.

Automatically create MO based on forecasted demand with the master production schedule

Schedule and plan work orders.

Plan ahead of the production with visibility on scheduled work orders, work center capacity, etc.

Perform barcode scanning to store information.

Perform barcode scanning after production to store necessary information in the system

Work center dashboard in Odoo MRP app gives clear work center overview.

Simple & Direct Manufacturing Overview

Work Center Dashboard

  • Gain real-time insights on work center status, in-progress work orders, and OEE percentage, all in a single view.

  • Plan and review work orders easily with just a few clicks away.

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Work center control panel in Odoo MRP app helps in shop floor management.

Effective Shop Floor Management & Control

Work Center Control Panel

  • Define, attach, and access manufacturing instructions easily to ensure an efficient production process.

  • Record scrap products, add components, request maintenance, or trigger quality alert on the spot.

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Conduct work orders planning in Odoo MRP app.

Smooth Production Workflow

Work Order Planning & Scheduling

  • Organize and schedule work orders strategically with an overall view of work order timeline by every work center.

  • Smart rescheduling automatically updates any work order to the first free slot if two work orders were to be planned on the same work center.

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Perform multiple and alternative work center management in Odoo MRP.

Boost Efficiency with Work Center Flexibility

Multiple & Alternative Work Centers

  • Manufacture several products with different work centers simultaneously for full operational efficiency.

  • Assign work orders and maintenance accordingly based on the availability of work centers.

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Gain a quick overview of actual and forecasted demand from the master production schedule in Odoo MRP app.

Better Output Control with Demand Forecasting

Master Production Schedule

  • Plan production accordingly with a quick overview of the actual and forecasted stock demand.

  • Define safety stock targets and minimum/maximum quantities to trigger replenishment.

  • Easily compute the quantity to be auto-replenished when replenishment action is triggered.

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Additional Features

Other features from the Odoo MRP app you might be looking for


Create and send a purchase order along with the raw materials to subcontractors to produce finished products.

Work Order Details

Access the current stages, components required, time taken, finished steps, and work instructions.

Unbuild Order

Record any unbuild orders derived from manufactured or purchased products.

Manufacturing Security Lead Time

Auto-schedule manufacturing orders earlier to prevent any delay.

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Automatically compute based on actual and planned production time, performance, and quality.

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