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Esping: Supply Different Apparel For Various Occasion & Industries

Esping, as a one-stop apparel supplier has provided different categories of apparel with various designs to their clients. To better satisfy clients' needs, Esping also offers custom-made services to tailor their unique requests and requirements.

At Esping, they always aim to deliver products/services on time to keep their clients happy and satisfied. Very soon, Esping was given a referral to Onnet Consulting to acquire an ERP solution that can help in their supply chain management.

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Odoo ERP Implementation Journey of Esping

Unique ERP solutions specifically for Esping by Onnet Consulting

Online Payment Gateways Become Demanding

To stay on top of eCommerce trend, Esping was about to integrate online payment gateways to their online website.

With the help of Onnet Consulting, integration of ipay88 into eCommerce website has been a success. Today, every Esping's customer can use either online payment gateways to reload their e-wallet, enjoying a more seamless sales experience.

Poor Flexibility To Support Complex Product Variants

The complexity of custom products restricted the flexibility to give more choices of product variants to customers.

Esping decided to adopt Odoo's product configurator to personalize complex custom products per customer needs. With more flexibility given, Esping can satisfy most of the customers' requirements.

Embroidery design services by Esping

Low Visibility Causes Improper Customer Order Management

Esping lacked a centralized ordering system to record, track, and monitor all customers' orders in one place.

By having Odoo's customer portal, Esping handles huge volumes of customer orders seamlessly in one single platform. The single platform gives Esping full visibility on details and status of all customer orders, they no longer mess up any of them.

Various textile design exhibitions by Esping.

Find It Hard To Create Mobile-Friendly Business Website

Building an intuitive user interface website for various mobile devices was a challenge for Esping.

Odoo ERP system supports Esping to establish a mobile-friendly business website. The intuitive user interface for all mobile devices makes Esping's salespeople easier to navigate and can place orders on the move.

Esping heat printing

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