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Anoz Malaysia is implementing Odoo ERP system.

Anoz: One-Stop Solution Provider for Raw Material Industry 

Anoz Group is an international raw material trading corporation with branches located across countries like Malaysia, Thailand, and China. With a strong passion for this industry, Anoz makes a full effort to satisfy all of its customers' needs the best that it can.

To be a market leader in the raw material industry in Asia, Anoz has to manage multinational subsidiaries more efficiently. This is why Anoz consulted Onnet Consulting to seek a user-friendly ERP system that can handle its multiple stacks of sales orders, inventories, and complicated approval matrix across all of its subsidiaries.

Dennycia Koay
COO of Anoz, Malaysia 


"They respond to highlighted issues and queries promptly!"

Throughout our engagement with Onnet, we have found their support, services and professionalism to be laudable. Overall, both Odoo and Onnet are relatively proficient and adequately meet our operational requirements.

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Odoo ERP Implementation Journey of Anoz

Unique ERP solutions specifically for Anoz by Onnet Consulting

Inaccurate Business Analysis without A Single Source of Truth for Data

It was challenging for Anoz to collect real-time data from different multinational subsidiaries during business analysis.

Having Odoo ERP as a centralized data source, Anoz is able to unify key data from all subsidiaries to carry out a more accurate analysis and evaluation. Odoo's reporting and visualization significantly improved its data insights as well, allowing for more impactful decisions.

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Having Tough Times In Material & Supplies Tracking

Anoz was not able to precisely pinpoint where its stocks had been before implementing Odoo.

Anoz is now able to get a comprehensive view of stock movements with Odoo's product moves report. Missing stock issues have reduced significantly since stock locations can be tracked and traced easily.

Aluminum raw materials.

Spending Hours Just For A Few Customer Orders

Manually handling unorganized sales and purchase orders gravely reduce the team's productivity.

The sales and purchase efforts in Anoz are now more seamless and efficient with Odoo's workflow automation. Since then, Anoz has processed and fulfilled more customer orders each day, making their customers happier and more satisfied.

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Manual Approval Workflow Causes Ineffective Decision Making

The complicated and tedious approval procedure was detrimental to Anoz's operational performance.

Odoo's approval system has greatly simplified Anoz's approval procedures. Authorized individuals will be notified automatically once approval requests are sent. Mandatory field details and relevant supporting documents that will be shown along with the approval requests can help managers in making informed decision.

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