Our experience with Onnet has been a very pleasant one. Not only are they technically skillful & professional, they also think in practical solutions. We truly believe that implementing Odoo by Onnet will give us the headstart from which we will benefit for years to come.

Jeroen Jansen, Chief Operating Officer, Markant


Established in year 1948, Markant is a leading European manufacturer of high-quality office furniture and ergonomic accessories with the headquarter in Netherland. The company sells to the global market with sales-offices in Australia, Europe, USA and Asia. Their main operation hub is located in Jenjarom, Malaysia which combines a showroom, modern office and lean manufacturing plant. To produce high quality products at competitive prices, the team is leveraging on the international operations and aiming to improve it further.

Business & IT Challenges

Having offices & departments in various part of the world, Markant wants a cloud ERP that can let the employees works easily online on a integrated platform without additional hassle to connect or to sync. The team also want a friendly system that is easy to train and easy to use, for the employees from different corners of the world.

Lack of A Easy Global Platform
Need an easy global access anywhere with just internet access and no additional client app required.
Want to streamline current CRM & ERP systems and converge them into one comprehensive futureproof system
The system should be flexible to change to support improvement and growth of the international operation
Min Onboard Time & Max Productivity
System should be easy to learn, so that minimal time will be spent to train staffs from all over the world to come onboard
Maximize the productivity of the team with all the relevant data/info available and easy visualisation.

Partnership With Onnet - Solution

While Markant is based in Europe and there are a lot of service provider for Odoo (ERP from Europe), the leaders decided to choose Onnet to customize and implement Odoo solution for the global operation

1) Progressive Deployment

While Markant intends to use Odoo for all of its department and functions, the company will implement the solution area by area in 1-2 years to stay focus and clean on the transition.
Starting from the less complicated areas (CRM & Sales), the team will then move on to the complicated areas such as the supply chain and manufacturing.

2) Customization for Markant

Onnet team first understand the current business & IT workflow from Markant team, and then further discuss and suggest the future solution required.
Customize Odoo according to Markant’s special practices & situations, for all apps, from CRM to ERP

Feedbacks On Onnet

Satisfactory Development & Impl.
"Developments & deployments are much appreciated as done as per requested and on time. Bug rates are less than 5% on completed developments and which is also minor and fixed immediately as well. " - Subra, Malaysia/Australia IT Manager
"We are happy to work with Onnet with fast turnaround on requests. They are doing their best to make the development of Odoo a success." - Wouter, Netherlands HQ IT Manager
Dedicated Services
“Onnet’s customer oriented supporting team is devotional to services. Very good team at exploring customer situation based business and work flow.” - Subra, Malaysia/Australia IT Manager
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