Their dedication and professionalism helped us a lot in the success of our ERP implementation, enabling us to compete in the ever changing global market. We truly value the Onnet Team as our partner.

Chew Yein Sean, Business Development Director


An established manufacturer of LED aviation obstruction beacons (OB) and warning lights since 2005. Avialite's products are used for obstacle marking of telecommunication towers and high structures for aviation safety. Striving to be the new standard in this niche market of aviation lighting technology, the company need to maintain high quality standard of their products for it to work in the harsh environment and to meet stringent aviation regulations.

Business & IT Challenges

Like most of the businesses in Malaysia, Avialite was using separate softwares and excel spreadsheet for different departments/functions of its business. The softwares are of varied quality, and there is no integration between the software to sync/consolidate the information.
This causes work redundancy, data duplication and confusion due to inconsistency of data.

Lack of Visibility
Lack of timely visibility of the warehouse stocks, and the components required from manufacturing orders.
Low visibility of the progress of the manufacturing orders.
The managers are not able to response to issues fast and make timely decision
Lack of Traceability
Time consuming to produce reports for business traceability, for example, sales, purchase, inventory & production report.
The information for individual unit of components & finished goods are also difficult to be track down by serial number.

Partnership With Onnet - Solution

Before engaging Onnet, Avialite was trying Odoo software of an older version with the help of a regional dealer.
Avialite decided to employ ONNET to implement a newer version of Odoo, for our in-depth Odoo knowledge in helping to resolve technical difficulties.

1) Timely Visibility : Business Intelligence & Reports

With all the business modules integrated under a single system, it is easy to generate reports which can cross-reference information from multiple business units.
For example, sales reports & warehouse reports are generated easily to plan for procurement & manufacturing orders.
The manufacturing order list view also provides clear visibility of the progress of each work center.

2) Traceability : Components & Finished Goods Serial Number Tracking

Odoo provides the mechanism to track the serial number of components and finished goods, upon transferring in-to/out-from the warehouse, as well as each work center.
We customized the module to work with serial number in batches, instead of tedious input.

3) Workflow Automation : Procurement & Manufacturing Order

Draft PO will be automatically generated for approval, as soon as the stock quantity fells below the minimum quantity, or when the components required for production is insufficient (PO generated based on BOM in the MRP)
Draft manufacturing orders will also be automatically created, as soon as the sales order is confirmed for the products configured as make-to-order.

Result With Odoo

Higher Productivity & Efficiency
Being able to use Odoo as an integrated platform for all allows everybody - Sales, Accounts, Purchasing, Manufacturing & Warehouse Department to be on the same page, doing things more productively, reducing redundancy of duplication and errors.
Minimal or no errors due to duplicate records or different versions of records recorded manually or having different formats that creates confusion or takes extra time to analyse the data from different departments.
Higher Yield & Quality
With the transparent visibility and traceability, the production team produces better when being able to monitor individual units and attend to each unit's issues with full info to ensure its quality.
Future improvement : The traceability down to individual components and finished goods can help to reduce wastage by making sure no unit are left of out of sight & therefore out of use.
Future improvement : The team can fix issues better by identifying and managing the production with the batch of problematic components reported by the supplier.
Lower Lead Time & Response Time
The powerful business visibility has helped the overall operation to have lower lead time to fulfill & produce, response to customers & issues faster.
Avialite's management & team are able to monitor the progress closely, response to issues timely and make strategic move ahead of time.
For example. customer sales order fulfilment can now easily checked through the progress of manufacturing orders, to assess whether there is any risks in fulfilling the sales orders which needs recovery plan & action.
Procurement process is more timely with the automation and instant information availability.
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