Delivering Odoo To Malaysian SMEs

One of early Odoo pioneers in Malaysia, we have been helping hundreds of SMEs & large enterprises to grow their business on open cloud ERP.

Localized Odoo ERP Applications

Ready Customized Odoo Modules for Malaysia Manufacturers

Adopted For Malaysian Laws
GST Setup & Config : Malaysian GST Compliance COA, Chart of Taxes, Tax Codes
GST Submission: GAF File Export, GST-03 Form Printing, GST Tax Reports
Different Payment Modes : Advanced Payment
Financial Reports & Statement In Excel
Analytics Accounting
Payroll (HR)
EPF Calculation & Automation : Borang A Printing
Socso Calculation & Automation : Borang 8A Printing
Income Tax Calculation & Automation : Borang CP39 & EA Income Printing
Bulk Bank Statement Upload File : EPF, Sosco, LHDN
Summary Reports & HR Forms
Point of Sales
Flexible Sales Mode - Consignment Sales, Credit Sales
Comprehensive intelligence - SN Tracking for products, Session Sales Report
Advanced modules - Product Return, Loyalty Points
Customized Malaysia's Business Practices
Advanced Product & BOM Setup
Friendly Planning & Scheduling Interface
Flexible & Advanced Production Mode : Multi-level, Partial, QC Integration
Comprehensive & Accurate Manufacturing Costing (Real)
Supply Chain
(Sales, Purchase & Warehouse)
Quotation/SO Revision & Configurable Delivery Term
Local Practices : Merge Invoices, DO for Multiple Sales Order
Sales & Purchase Reference Info : Show selling price/purchase price history by customer/product/vendor
Claim Module : Manage Claim Flow & Track Units
Integration With Supplier Portal To Automate Purchase
Advanced Warehouse : Consignment Stocks, Volumetric Based Warehouse, Barcode Scanning & SN tracking,
Advanced Reporting : Purchase Report (Measure Suppliers' Performance/KPI) etc
Flexible Sales : Product Bundle & Variants, Pre-Order
User Module : Recaptcha Verification. Voucher & Loyalty Points
Customer Email Notifications for Order In Stages
Malaysian Payment Gateway (ipay88, GHL, FPX)
Optimised Pick/Pack/Ship, Flexible Shipping Config (Product Based) & Consignment Printing

Our Services

Hosting/Cloud Infra

Our own infra at the No 1 data center in Malaysia, AIMS for you platform & data

The base cloud can supports up to 50 concurrent users; upgrade for more

Guaranteed uptime of 99.9% with enterprise level security faciilty & backup

IT Need Consultation

Gather your pain points, goals and needs clearly from all relevant users & stakeholders

Understand your current business process, structure and team to formulate right solution

Create documentation for the requirement gathered for reference & guide

Solution Design

Analyze the requirements & design the new to-be business process

Determine how the development is best delivered (add-ons or new module/feature etc)

Design a scalable and sustainable back end and front end solution

User Interface & Design: From minor changes (simplifying view) to major change (changing layout) with friendly user experience design
Adapting Third Party Modules/Add-on : Helping you to find the right app from the store & deploying it right (with fixes if necessary)
New Feature/Workflow/Module : Develop new solution for your custom process & needs using Odoo friendly framework
Integration : Work with third party software provider to develop stable & reliable integration with Odoo
Reporting : Create new special reports or dashboard (within & across apps) for viewing or export as document
Setup & Configuration

Set up the right structure and configure the right flow & parameters for the module

Advice & perform data migration from legacy system to Odoo (input, migration & checking)

Teach the IT team/users on maintaining and updating the configuration for changes

Training & Knowledge

Provide comprehensive training and refreshers on odoo concepts, features & practices

Provide friendly training material and user guide for reference

Provide training on technical knowledge & administrating/managing odoo system

Support & Consult

Attend to online enquiries; troubleshoot & resolve issues on cloud

Visit onsite for urgent & critical face-to-face discussions & support

Review your business and ERP usage; advices on improvement & practices

Serving You, Your Way.

Whether it’s a long term SaaS package or adhoc service, tell us what you need & how you want it.