Powerful & Friendly MRP
for Malaysia Manufacturers

The Simplest & Affordable Way
to Improve Productivty & Profits

The Right Digital Solution To Grow
Your Unique Manufacturing Business

While there are many ERP vendors in the market, most of them offer strong financial, accounting, and even retail erp solutions. The unique needs of manufacturing business require a specialized solution, instead of a generic ERP solutions. Knowing that each manufacturer is unique on their own, we focus on providing the right system & service to the different segments of manufacturers. Our core business is to help digitalize your manufacturing business, to enable connectivity between your staffs, machines, the management and your customers & suppliers.

Basic Manufacturing Types
Discrete Manufacturers

Produce by parts & BOM
More customized & itemized unit/batch production

Process Manufacturers

Produce by chemical & recipe
Highly standardized continuous mass production

Special Vertical Industries
Rubber & Plastics

Comprehensive Manufacturing Software Suite

Fully Integrated Enterprise Softwares, from End To End

Web 2.0 Information Technology for Manufacturers
All Info On Cloud

Full visibility into every part & every activity of your business; stored securely with backup

Real Time Data & Info

Data collection is real time and simplified for everyone; cut down entry time & redundant effort

One Source Of Truth

An unified database with the actual raw data from the operation, unbiased & honest

Info Flow & Work Flow

Automated info flow boosts your team's communication, collaboration & management

All benefits of a system is proportional to
the speed of flow of information & material.

- Plossl, The First Law of Manufacturing

Digital Transformation With MRP Suite

Improve Your Manufacturing Business With Modern Cloud Technology

Higher Staff Efficiency
Process Speed
Boost Interdepartmental
Communication & Collaboration

Automated order flow & easy info sharing between departments, enable staffs to work closely as one team

Time Saved
Automate Manual Routines
& Minimize Data Entry

Repetitive & tedious tasks that have lower value can now be done in seconds; Redundant data collection & entry reduced

Less Dependency On Human
& Easier Transition

With data & knowledge in the system, the operation is easier & less error-prone; Grow with future staffs take over easily.

Higher Productivity & Reliability
Lead Time
Lower Lead Time For
Production & Supply Chain

MRP eliminates unnecessary wait time between processes with synchronization between teams; Tight workflow for everyone with proper traceability optimizes lead time

On Time Delivery
Accurate Delivery Forecast
Good Planning & Traceability

With good scheduling tool, you can "promise" dates confidently. With complete visibility, you can manage progress, solve issues and replan/reprioritize to deliver on time.

Yield Rate
Gain Higher Production Outputs
With Optimized Efficiency

With good planning & management, the downtime & delay is reduced with less waiting & breakdown and all the capacity & resource can be utilized to full

Higher Margin & Profit
Inventory Bloat
Cut Cost By Reducing
Unnecessary Inventory Buffers

Maintain low inventory buffer with real time accurate inventory tracking for all storage - material, WIP, finished goods & tools; More saving with better planning of bulk purchase

Wastes & Scraps
Cut Down Wastage & Scraps
With Better Quality Control

Minimize error (wastage) with good planning, reduce scrap with quality checks throughout supply chain; fix quality issues quickly with supplier-to-customer visibility

Overall Cost
Control Cost & Bid Strategically
Real Accurate MRP Costing

Track & control costing proactively as an easy routine with accurate & up-to-date dynamic costing for confident business decisions and pin down areas for cost improvement

Localized, Specialized & Deepened MRP/ERP

Ready Customized Odoo Modules for Malaysia Manufacturers

Factory (MRP)
Products & BOM

Product setup : WIP (intermediary work-in-progress) module

Multi Level BOM (Bill of Materials) : Parent BOM & BOM creation automation

Flexibility : variants, version changes & optional routing

Planning & Schedule

Delivery Date Calculation

Multi-level BOM/Order Production Gantt View (Prod Plan, MO & Work Order)

Replan/reprioritize : Production Order Splitting / Merging

Production & QA

Multi-level BOM Order : Production Plan module

Flexible Mode : Partially MO Produce partial raw material, Assign SN for product (discrete manufacturing)

Reject & Wastage Module in Work Order

Set up & configure QC module (inspection)

Manufacturing Costing

Cost Tracking (Real Method) for WIP & Finished Goods

Flexible Cost Allocation by work center: material, direct & overhead

Automated Posting - Accounts & GL

Adjustment: Disposition during Month End Closing

Supply Chain (ERP-SCM)

Robust Setup : Multi warehouses & locations, multi routing & steps, storage & removal strategies

DO & Movements : Simplified stock transfers with availabilities & barcode

End-To-End Traceability : barcoding module, lots/SN tracking & full activity log

Smart Automation : Scheduler to trigger operations automatically

Stock Costing: choose valuation mode & product costing method, landed costs; Inventory Counts


Fast RFQ with Calls for bids to manage multiple RFQs, compare & order

Flexible PO: one click creation from RFQ; approvals; merge POs

Planning : availability forecasts, Set purchase rules, Automate ordering with rules; Monitor orders by status & incoming batch

Supplier Invoicing : Simplified one click flow from PO into Payment


Professional Quotation : one-click convert to SO; template with upselling

Flexibile Sales Order : modify DO, sell kits, ship partial

Streamlined SO Flow : One click invoicing (manage payment & follow up), Flow to/from MRP/Warehouse

Manage Sales Person : set up sales teams & monitor results; SO Approval

Integrated Database

Powerful Product Master : Product types & variants & pricelists (automated pricing rules for sales & purchase)

Central Customers Databases: detailed company & personnels info, business summary dashboard by customer, individual area-specific setting

Smart Supplier Databases : Summary transactions & pricelist by supplier, search products by suppliers

Management (ERP)

Malaysia Custom approved GST appliance accounting software with friendly interface

Automated Posting for Sales, Purchase & Stocks configurable automation

Easy AR & AP Management

Flexible Setup : Multi Journals, Multi Currencies

Smart Reconciliation : reconcile payments & invoices, journal items and account & bank statement balance

Business Intelligence

Centralized analysis : Get any numbers in your company, any apps/areas in a menu

Custom transactional listing : Filter & group info for analysis; save the filters as favourite

Customize dashboard & reports : Create detailed reports and graphs in any format, in few clicks

Export any data/reports to Excel spreadsheet documents in few clicks


Gain complete, centralized control over all user access and security functions

Personalize menus, screens, workflows and even which fields and features are turned on and off — with no custom coding

Ensure 360-degree security complete with audit trails and backed by a full-time expert team monitoring the system status

Not just handing a MRP.

We are offering a hand, a technology partnership to work together to achieve your goals & deliver results.